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I enjoy each season for what it is and spring is such a wonderful time of regrowth and renewal. It’s time to say ‘so long’ to cozy fires, hot chocolate and warm sweaters and enjoy the transition to lighter layers and blooming flowers. This transition is a time to get ready for the approaching season but also to take care of the items you’ll be packing away. Here’s a to-do list for you to focus on this month.

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Taking care of cleaning and repairs of your winter wardrobe before packing it away for many months will not only make your life easier next time the cold weather rolls back around, it will also extend the life of your clothes and accessories. Leaving a bit of salt on your leather boots or a stain on your winter coat for six months while they sit unused will almost guarantee ruin.

Give all your boots a little TLC. Even though you may still wear them for another month or so, now is a good time to give your leather boots a good cleaning. Wipe any dirt and salt off the soles and heels with a wet cloth (I actually just used a baby wipe for this! I just wouldn’t recommend using one on the actual leather). Then, use a leather conditioner and soft cloth to clean and polish the entire boot.

Clean your wool sweaters, jackets, scarves and gloves and check for moth holes. If there’s too much damage, toss the item. If it’s repairable and you love it, take care of it this month before storing it away. If you take anything to the dry cleaner, be sure to remove the dry cleaning bags before storing the items away; the chemicals from dry cleaning can harm your clothes if they sit in those bags for too long (ick, I know).

Coats need to be checked for missing or broken buttons and scuffed or soiled sleeves or hems before being put away for the season. Do it now, not later.

I know this feels like a lot of effort but, I promise, it will save you time and money in the long term as everything will be in good condition and ready for you once the season rolls back around. You’ll save time and money not having to replace items that didn’t make it.

Now, go sit in the sun with your favorite warm weather drink and reward yourself for a job well done.

And, sign up for one of my spring workshops to get you ready for the new season.

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