style speaks is moving

Cathy Starnes, with Style Speaks, here. I have some big news to share. The Starnes family is moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan and Style Speaks is moving with us! This is bittersweet news […]

your biggest impact accessories

I was working with a client the other day who had a goal of learning to use accessories in an impactful way to create a more put-together look. The two accessories I wanted […]

ask stylebook: ankle straps?

Renee: Do all ankle straps cut you off? Should I avoid that style altogether? Cathy, Style Speaks: You are definitely savvy to ask this question! Ankle straps can really cut you off making […]

creating a versatile wardrobe

At the All About Accessories workshop I hosted at The Shoe Hive last week, we talked about building a versatile shoe and handbag wardrobe. For my next workshop, Building a Work to Weekend […]

putting away your winter clothes

I enjoy each season for what it is and spring is such a wonderful time of regrowth and renewal. It’s time to say ‘so long’ to cozy fires, hot chocolate and warm sweaters […]

finding your perfect handbag

With our upcoming workshop on the topic, we’re obsessing over accessories around here this month! My clients are always on the hunt for the perfect everyday handbag, something neutral and large enough to […]

what to wear: the popover

This dress shape is called the “popover” and you’ll be spotting it in stores this spring. It looks like a skirt and short top but is actually one piece. You can get that […]

ask stylebook: turtlenecks?

Jackie: I’ve started to notice turtlenecks in magazines again. How do I wear them without looking too frumpy? Cathy, Style Speaks: Turtlenecks don’t have the chicest of connotations, do they? But, they can […]

the monochromatic solution

The monochromatic look–wearing one color from head to toe–has been in for a couple of seasons and we’ll be seeing more of it come spring. As I’ve experimented with this look for both […]

what to wear: for nursing mamas

Dressing a pregnant body is tough, but you know what’s even harder? Dressing while you’re breastfeeding. Being able to access your milk-makers while in public without having to completely disrobe, inadvertently flash someone […]

what to wear: transitioning to spring

I’m from Texas and, in Texas, March is spring. After living in Northern Virginia for 10+ years, I still maintain that mindset and, once March hits, I am ready to start dressing for […]

ask stylebook: one piece for spring?

Marie: If I were to invest in one piece this spring, what do you think it should be? Cathy, Style Speaks: This is tough to pick just one! The first answer that popped […]

relief for the wardrobe blahs

Everyone gets a case of the wardrobe blahs. It can be especially noticeable at the cusp of a seasonal change. We may be so sick of wearing the same “old” clothes that we […]

making the most of fashion downtime

Are you finding yourself a bit uninspired style-wise as you trudge through winter hoping for spring to arrive early this year? Take advantage of this fashion downtime in between seasons to accomplish some […]

what to wear: versatile valentine

Are you planning a casual romantic dinner out (or in) or an evening with girlfriends for Valentine’s Day? I found the perfect denim-based outfit at Kiskadee for the holiday. It’s fun and festive […]

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