Get Engaged? Congrats! 9 Do’s + Don’ts for Engagement Photography

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for some, it just became a bit sweeter! I’m sure we’ve all seen multiple Facebook “engaged” statuses and Instagram proposal shots over the past […]

Scene in Alexandria: Art on the Avenue


How to Get the Perfect Family Portrait

It’s my favorite time of year — family portrait season. There’s a joke in the photography community that October is to photographers as April is to tax accountants, although for me it’s more […]

7 Rules for Perfect Travel Photos

Full disclosure: I’m not a landscape photographer, or a hobby photographer. When I go on vacation I rarely pack my camera. It’s my time to spend with my friends, family, and fur baby, […]

6 steps to the perfect selfie

True story: I fell for photography after I ruptured my spleen…on a saxophone. That marching band injury made it impossible for me to participate for the remainder of the season, so, logically, I […]

7 steps for perfect iphone photos (#4 will amaze you)

You, yes, you, can take amazing photographs with your iPhone. Not just sometimes, when the stars align and conditions are perfect, but all the time, every time and, with the pointers and simple […]

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