Sarah Akram Skincare Storefront in Alexandria, VA

Meet The New & Improved Sarah Akram Skincare

Sarah Akram Skincare has been a skincare staple for many Alexandria Stylebook readers over the years. From magical anti-aging facials, to gorgeous all-natural lash extensions, we have been helping women look and feel […]

6 Reasons You’re *Still* Breaking Out (and What You Can Do About It)

It’s a challenge I’ve struggled with for the past 10 years and it’s increasingly affecting middle aged women: adult female acne is on the rise. While there are various factors that contribute to […]

Sarah’s 3-Month Plan for Perfect Wedding Day Skin

Wedding season is coming and there’s a very special Stylebook member getting married: Sarah Akram is trying the knot this summer! She and her finance Chris are busy planning their special day, figuring […]

The 5 Skincare Secrets Sarah Swears By

It never fails. On those days when I hope to look most “put-together” I wake up with a significant breakout prominently displayed on my face. Several weeks ago I had a big day: […]
From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

When it comes to certain things, I’m what you might consider a “scared-y cat” – afraid of my own shadow, as my husband sometimes jokes. I have a few thoughts on why this […]

Introducing the HydraFacial

As I’m noticing in several areas of my life, as I get older, change is getting harder. So when Sarah Akram, owner of Sarah Akram Skincare, suggested that I try the HydraFacial based […]

Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care of Your Skin

If you’re anything like me, you look back 20 or 25 years (yikes, that makes me feel old!) and cringe when you think of how negligent you were with your skin. Baking in […]

Treating (and Beating!) Adult Acne: A Personal Story

  I knew the routine by heart. After a dermatologist visit I would begin a regimen of several oral antibiotics. Three to four months later my skin would somewhat clear, and I would […]

Street Style: Gosia Habib

When you start your own business, it is tempting to try and do everything yourself. When I started Sarah Akram Skincare, I was careful to ensure that everything — even the tiniest of […]

Madelyn Lashes Out

As editor of Alexandria Stylebook, I work with all of our contributors to analyze trends in fashion, wellness, home, and beauty to interpret them in a way that’s meaningful and helpful here in […]

see the light (and not the wrinkles): LightStim now available in DC!

At Sarah Akram Skincare, we believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful, and we are passionate about finding the very best non-invasive skincare solutions to enhance and maintain this beauty, naturally. This is why […]

from hollywood’s freshest faces to yours: sarah akram now open in old town

We’ve met (and raved about!) Sarah Akram before, and are thrilled about her latest endeavor: her own luxury skincare boutique in Old Town, Sarah Akram Skincare. Nestled on the second floor of a […]

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