My Day In Alexandria

On an Instagram poll last week, we asked, and you answered! Our Stylebook Readers voted to see a full day through Alexandria. I was so excited this option won – what better way […]

Back to Life: Let’s Focus on the Feels, Not the Looks

This is not what I was going to originally post. I had written an extremely personal account of how I was body shamed constantly as a kid and teenager. The message was, of […]

Mind the Mat Together: Reconnect In Person With Community This Summer!

Sometimes, my breath catches in my chest, and I can barely believe it. Mind the Mat’s in person – indoor and outdoor classes are blossoming. We are increasing our capacity, and people are showing up with […]

Exercise & 50s: A MtM Journey That Changed Her Life

I have to credit this idea to Elizabeth Todd. Ellen has that impact on people. Just last week, Ellen and Elizabeth (I call her “Fancy Pants”) were in the same class together. Ellen’s […]

Our Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on! T – minus two days to get that special woman in your life the perfect gift. Don’t fret, here’s your go-to guide for the best gifts […]

When Your Mother’s Book On Motherhood Gets Published! + Special Mother’s Day Offers 

Mother’s Day is May 9, and this month we acknowledge not only our mothers but also what it means to be a mother. The first image that comes to mind for me is […]

Street Style: Laura Andors

I first got to know Laura well when she came to ‘Mommy and Me’ classes at Mind the Mat with her newborn. One of the things that struck me about her right away […]

Yoga Teacher Training Explodes (In A Good Way!) During the Pandemic

When COVID hit in March 2020, one of the first things the Mind the Mat team addressed was, “What in the world are we going to do about the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program?” […]

Street Style: Alyia Gaskins

Alyia is one of those people who exudes radiance. Being in her presence just feels good because she is kind, curious, open, enthusiastic, and fun. She truly cares, and knows how to ask […]

Empowering You!

One of our biggest and most important values in our culture here at Mind the Mat is empowerment. Our goal is to empower ourselves to heal with movement, empower ourselves to solve problems, […]

New Season, New Trends

Times are changing, and so is the weather! We have come out of the COVID winter and into cherry blossoms and sunny afternoons. After hitting the end of our Netflix queue and going […]

Mind the Mask: A Studio Update

Giving up would have been easier. Closing our doors forever would have been a relief. In fact, saying goodbye to MtM could have opened up other opportunities. Just the other day, an old […]

Watch Us Live!

Our community is made of strong women, so what better way to share them and their businesses with you than going live! Alexandria Stylebook (@alxstylebook) will be going live on Instagram every day […]

Don’t Crack Your Neck

Do you crack your neck? It feels good, doesn’t it? I know, I know. I used to as well. The power to “give yourself an adjustment” and self-treat your own neck combined with that […]

Why Wellness Businesses (And All Businesses) Should Care About Racial Equity + An Invite for You!

I’ve been working in the wellness industry as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and doula for over twenty years, and lately I’ve been questioning what “wellness” really means. Being on my own wellness […]

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