A Farewell + Some Highlights from the Year

As 2020 draws to a close, I have both been reflecting on DC Style Factory and all the changes that have taken place. Like all of you, I feel like I have lived […]

A Q&A with Nicole and Rosana

1. What did you do before this career in fashion? How has that informed your work in style and fashion today? Nicole, Threadleaf: I was an attorney for 12 years before opening Threadleaf […]

A New Day: New Services for DC Style Factory

Two months ago when we shuttered all in-person styling work, I didn’t know what my next move was yet. All I knew is in this moment I had to do the right thing […]

DC Style Factory and the #DontRushChallenge

As I read the news each day, cancel plans to travel to see my family in Thailand, wonder what will become of my business, worry about the doctors, nurses, and grocery store clerks […]

What We’re Watching and Reading

As many of us have a little more time on our hands than usual, it seems we’re all on the lookout for the next great binge and/or book recommendation. If you’ve already made […]

Styling Your Work From Home Look

As we all gear up to work from home, create new routines, and get used to new rhythms, I wanted to encourage us all to hang on to some cues that help us […]

Turtlenecks Then and Now

Technically, we have one month left of winter in the D.C. metro area. But we all know it doesn’t start to truly warm up until April. So, in the spirit of staying cozy […]

Street Style: Amy Stuart

I met Amy four years ago when she was working in digital marketing for a firm in Washington, D.C. My assistant had just left to pursue a modeling career and the timing couldn’t […]

Street Style: Mimi Miller

Our ethos at DC Style Factory is to slow down, shop quality over quantity, and buy with intention. When I first met Mimi Miller back in 2017, we connected instantly because these same ideals guide […]

Choosing the Right Boots for Your Jeans

Dark, slim jeans aka “skinny jeans” have long been an essential for all of our clients. These days the skinny jean however no longer has a monopoly on denim styles and there are […]

What Personal Styling Has Taught Me

We are in a whirlwind of holiday shopping lists, holiday party style, holiday gift guides, and more. Celebrating the abundance of the season also has me reflecting on what being a personal stylist for more […]

Gift Guide No. 04: Splurge

It’s the holidays (have you heard?!) and sometimes that means going totally overboard. It’s the time when you want to “just go for it” when it comes to that absolutely perfect gift. Too […]

The Long and Short of It

One of the first things we do with a client — before the closet work, shopping, or outfit creation — is sit down and define their personal style. We walk through a slew […]

The “guaranteed way for you to be more comfortable in everything you wear…”

If I told you there was one guaranteed way for you to be more comfortable in everything you wear and make your less expensive basics feel more like designer pieces, would you be […]

Call of the Wild

Animal print is one of those trends that has been on-trend for so long it feels like a staple. We have been putting animal print flats, pumps, boots in clients’ closets for the […]

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