Apple & Tree: Mothers & Daughters

I have this little saying that I wrote to my daughter one time when I tagged her on Instagram: “Apple & Tree…Sun, Sand and Sea.” It was a simple way to share my love […]

Why Is Everything Sleeveless?!

Recently a reader wrote in with a very good question — “Why is everything sleeveless?” – and honestly it wasn’t something I’d really pondered. Maybe because I am always hot, I’ve greeted the […]

How To Wear Black after 40 (4 Tips + a Special Offer)

I remember the very first time I wore a black dress. It was my 15th birthday and my parents took me to Wolf Trap to see A Chorus Line. It was a rite […]

How We Remember

Fall and Football. For many it can be a near religious experience reminiscent of last Friday night’s awe-inspiring matchup between T.C. Williams and West Potomac for the West Po Homecoming. Rivalries are deeply […]

Getting a Leg Up on Pants

On my way to New York a couple weeks ago, I sat next to a lovely woman who wanted to engage in conversation. I had more than enough to do on my train […]

Island Girl

The fact that summer is my favorite season may have something to do with being a summer baby. My birthday is in a little over a week and it’s one of those that […]

Where the Music Takes You

I chose a path a long time ago to follow my passion. At a party this past weekend, a woman asked me how this path unfolded. One major factor involved my art teacher, […]

women, politics, and style

Sex, politics and religion…three topics that should be avoided, right? Except how can we avoid politics in the throes of such a dynamic election cycle? This is becoming the script that writes itself […]

tough love

It seems that closet purges are high on the agenda in Alexandria. January has never been so busy with requests for appointments. In my professional opinion, the trend seems to be aimed at […]

my special christmas gift: a common thread

The women in my family have been bonded by a common thread…a passion for clothing. My Grandmother Lane sewed beautifully and took great pride in dressing my mother in handmade clothing she carefully […]

the sounds of christmas

My husband Mark and I moved into Old Town two days before we were married in October of 1999.  Our first home was a family property on 300 block of Wilkes Street in […]

the third law of motion

Most of us are getting ready for a day of sharing and giving thanks. What a wonderful objective for any given day, at any point of the year.  That being said, I am […]

sharing thanksgiving dressing recipes

Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday. When I was a child, it was most definitely Christmas and my birthday. Thankfully, with age comes wisdom and finding ways to spend time with family and […]

layering 101: it’s a piece of cake

Colder weather offers great opportunities for layering. Knowing just how to layer without adding bulk can be challenging for some of us. Shirts under sweaters can look too sophomoric at times or create […]

the life edit: a review by alicia

As a student of life, I’m on a continuous search to improve my technique. I love to explore how others do my job: it reinforces what I already implement and gives me insights […]

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