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Shorts, shorts, and more shorts. You name it, we have it. I may have gotten a bit carried away in the number of styles we have in store right now, but they’ve been popular, and we have gone through some reorders. I always want to make sure we have just the right piece for every body type. Everyone is built differently, and what works on one won’t work on another person.

I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t love shorts, so we have a ton of dresses for that person – short dresses, long dresses, etc. Denim skirts have to hit me just at the knee; otherwise, I look short and stumpy. Tracy is lean and long, so the skirt looks amazing on her. Next up for discussion: shorts. Most of the women who come into Kiskadee seem to know what works for them. Other times, we love getting them to try something they normally wouldn’t. One item of clothing that falls into this category are shorts. When these denim shorts arrived from Kut from the Kloth, my initial impression was, “oy… these are going to be a tough sell.” Nope… we are our third reorder of both styles. They appear short and “too young,” but in reality, they really look amazing on so many women.



In addition to the standard blue denim shorts, we’ve been having fun with other colors and styles. Several have sold out before I could finish this article, but we still have quite a few! One popular style are these camo shorts from Sanctuary. I had to twist Lisa’s arm into modeling them for me… she didn’t think they would work for her. Wouldn’t you know it, she ended up buying them. As you can see, they are way more versatile and neutral than you’d think. Add any bright pop-of-color top to them, and they are very wearable. White shorts have also been a huge hit. I give massive kudos to any woman buying these as I know if it were me, I’d mess them up the first time I wore them.


There are a few things to consider when buying shorts. If you’re shorter, go with shorter shorts. Long torso? High-waisted looks best. If you have a shorter torso, go for low-waisted shorts. Pay attention to pocket placement. Side pockets can either hurt you if you have wider hips, or they could help if you’d like to add inches. Above all, have fun with your clothes!


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