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F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Many years later the fashion industry is still nodding in agreement as they make their way from their cars up the steps of the Lincoln Center Plaza. Clothed in the very same looks they first fell in love with a year ago amidst these tents they breeze past the street style photographers who are all clamoring for a good shot. This is Lincoln Center Plaza during the height of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

September is the new year of Fashion but what started as fashion week back during World War II has truly turned into fashion month! New York Fashion week was the very first and was later followed by London, Milan, and Paris. While it is hardly an easy task to score a spot under one of the Lincoln Center tents, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out – thanks to sites like style.com that post all of the collections. I have been scouring all of the runway collections on Women’s Wear Daily’s site to determine the spring 2015 trends. Though we still have three more weeks of fashion to keep an eye on, these are the trends found from New York Fashion Week.

Screenshot 2014-09-18 08.36.55

In short, next spring has the look of ’90s minimalism mixed with spacious ’60s silhouettes. New trends never mean out with the old entirely, but these just represent what is new and fresh. One of the main trends I noticed was the layered look, particularly dresses that had long sheer layers underneath. Just like we saw on the runways this past February there was definitely a continuation of sheer dresses and tops in general. As far as colors go, the strong presence of jewel tones is going to be disappearing with the holidays this year. This spring will be all about sky blue, pistachio green, and light pink hues. There was also an exchange of heavy fabrics like neoprene for lighter frothier fabrics, particularly tulle. Mid-length skirts continued to reassert themselves, though mini skirts and short dresses are still very much in the picture. Just as skirts are starting to lengthen, pants are also widening. Culottes and straight trousers were very dominant throughout this season’s collections. Crop tops also stayed very much in the mix and frequently even had cut outs! As for the trends we expect to see in the spring there were of course plenty of floral dresses and tops. Compared to past seasons though the floral prints were larger than normal.

I look forward to see what London, Milan, and Paris put out for Spring but I’m even more excited to start wearing fall’s major trends!

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Screenshot 2014-09-18 08.37.33

Screenshot 2014-09-18 08.37.46

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