Curbside Color Pickup & In-Salon Services in a Private Room

At Claude Marcel, we want you to feel safe and comfortable whether you choose to return to the hair salon or choose to wait. Our salon and team follow strict government and health official recommendations to bring the best salon experience while maintaining social distancing to maximize everyone’s safety. Our practices include, but are not limited to the following:

  • • Face Coverings: Everyone in the building is required to wear them. We provide a Safety Kit to each client upon entering which includes a mask and gloves.
  • • Increased Cleaning: We clean and disinfect our salon throughout the day.
  • • Hand Sanitizer: Available throughout the salon for your use.
  • • Social Distancing: To support this, we have extended our hours to maintain limited occupancy throughout salon.
  • • Private Space: We are being as safe as possible by providing one-on-one service in a private space.
  • • Wellness Checks: Stylist and guests must fill out a health questionnaire and have temperatures taken upon entering the salon each day.



If you are ready to return for a salon experience, we have taken meticulous steps to keep you, and our team as safe as possible. You will see your stylist or nail technician in a private room with only you and your service provider.

If you are not yet ready to return to a salon but your roots can’t wait, we do offer customized curbside AVEDA color pickup. Forget the box color and get your customized formula. Maintaining social distancing, we will still conduct a color consultation either in the salon or outside in our patio area. We will formulate your customized color so we will have it on hand for the next time.



Why AVEDA color?

Hair is strong, beautiful, and versatile. We can easily change up our look by cutting length or switching styles, but nothing gives us a more drastic transformation than altering the color of our hair. While hair highlights give you a subtle new edge, an all-over color change offers a head-turning transformation.

Hair color can help you switch up your look, express your personality and style, or mask grey hair for a youthful glow. Changing your hair color can alter your entire look, but you don’t want it to alter the health of your hair.

While many hair color brands use harsh ingredients that can damage hair, Claude Marcel uses AVEDA’s natural hair color that’s made from up to 96% naturally derived ingredients – the AVEDA way.



Benefits of natural hair color

Using natural hair color has a long list of benefits for your hair, starting with the health of your hair. Healthy hair is strong, silky, and shiny. In fact, shine is a key indicator of hair health. Harsh chemicals can hurt the health of your hair, making it dull and brittle. Natural hair color uses naturally derived ingredients in place of harmful ones, leaving your hair strong and shiny.

At Claude Marcel we use AVEDA color, which is a natural hair color up to 96% naturally derived, offering an instant healthy shine and radiant color in only 20 minutes. You’ll know your hair is healthy from its vibrant silk and shine, and you can say goodbye to brittle hair.

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of natural hair color is that it works! Our AVEDA hair color doesn’t need any harsh or harmful ingredients to create vibrant, long-lasting color. From red hair to grey hair, AVEDA full-spectrum permanent hair color produces vivid pigments that are fade-resistant, so you can enjoy your new look for longer.

Claude Marcel uses AVEDA’s Natural Hair Color to ensure that every customer gets the benefits of hair that’s both vibrant and healthy. Whether you choose black, silver, or even purple hair color, you’ll have peace of mind that your hair is getting the most natural treatment.

Hair color quickly and easily changes your look, but you don’t want it to change the health of your hair. Natural hair color uses naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on your hair and scalp.

Not only does AVEDA’s natural hair color protect your hair and scalp, but it also prevents damage that can be caused by harsh chemicals. Less damage means more shine, strength, and color!

Natural hair coloring isn’t just healthy — it’s also effective. AVEDA’s natural hair color is fade-resistant and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your new look for longer.



See yourself with new color and schedule your beauty date

Curious how you would look with a different shade of color? Check out AVEDA’s virtual hair color tool and then schedule your outside color consultation to get that perfect color you want. Call us or book your appointment online at


  • The latest from Claude
Artistic Director | Claude Marcel Salon
Claude Marcel is artistic director and co-owner of the Claude Marcel Aveda Salon in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. His French architectural design hair cutting and styling technique creates a popular “groomed, ungroomed look”. He is also an educator teaching his much sought after French technique. He regularly teaches French beauty throughout North America. “I offer an opportunity for women to simultaneously find beauty and harmony with nature,” explained Claude. “I am delighted to contribute my talent to Aveda’s groundbreaking work. It has been an exciting collaboration.” Claude began his career in the United States in 1999 when he moved to Washington, D.C. to assume the role of Artistic Director and Training Manager for DESSANGE USA located in Washington, D.C. His clientele included ambassadors, senators, television personalities, actors, and more. He also served as training manager for various DESSANGE centers and performed hair cutting classes for L’Oreal at the SOHO academy in New York. Before moving to the United States, Claude worked for DESSANGE in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Paris, and New York. In Paris, he was recruited by Jacques Dessagne himself to be the exclusive hairstylist for show business personalities and other dignitaries. In this capacity, Claude handled high-profile clients for television, movie, and stage work as well as haute couture fashion shows, premieres, and award shows such as the Cannes Film Festival.

CLAUDE MARCEL salon is a luxury AVEDA salon that combines creativity and quality consistent with any luxury brand, and an international dimension of beauty. At the helm is CLAUDE MARCEL, the world-renowned hair designer that was inspired by his mother’s classic French beauty. With her encouragement, he performed his first hair color and setting at age 12…his love affair with hair was born! Claude trains his team in the much sought after French hair cutting technique to deliver that timeless, chic, sophisticated, and customized look.

Claude Marcel Salon
326 S Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm


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