Elizabeth’s Favorite Pre-Fall Pieces Plus Lookbook

The calendar switched officially to summer this week, so we think it’s time to send a lookbook with our more recent deliveries and show you what we expect to receive from now until […]

Dog Days Of Summer

As a parent, the end of the school year and the beginning of summer can be both amazing and dreadful. Amazing in that you don’t have to pack lunches or cajole your kids […]

Alexandre Birman Hits The Shoe Hive

I rarely order any sandals from a true “summer” delivery. Traditionally, we order sandals for resort or spring seasons and ride that inventory all summer. I know this can be frustrating for shoppers. […]

My Day In Alexandria

On an Instagram poll last week, we asked, and you answered! Our Stylebook Readers voted to see a full day through Alexandria. I was so excited this option won – what better way […]

Nice Stems!

Shorts, shorts, and more shorts. You name it, we have it. I may have gotten a bit carried away in the number of styles we have in store right now, but they’ve been […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of June 21, 2021

We are fully welcoming the summer today with its official start! Check out this week’s top picks for must-haves and things to get you through this heat. Elizabeth’s pick is a must to […]

Last-Minute (Extra Special) Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is a notoriously tricky holiday to shop for, especially if you’re in the market for something a little more special than a new power tool. If you’re scrambling for a unique, […]

New Ladies At The Nest!

Right before Covid hit, two of my employees moved. Since it was such a volatile time, I didn’t replace them. I’ve also had a few employees not want to come back due to […]

Shopping with Our Expecting Mamas

This time last year, we were ramping up and stocking up for the big Coronavirus Baby Boom that was predicted to result from quarantine life, but it turns out, there was more of a Baby […]

Introducing Golden Goose

I don’t know why, but every time I have ordered Golden Goose handbags, my styles got canceled. I always wonder if this means I have either very refined taste or horrible taste to […]

We Are So Over It.

Loungewear. All day pajamas. I think everyone is done. I know I am. It was great for the moment, but I think we are all looking for ways to dress up. I can’t […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of June 14, 2021

Kids are out for summer, and we are ready for the cicadas to leave so that we can enjoy the sunshine! These Top Picks make nights more fun, camp letters more stylish, and […]

Buy Less, Choose Well 

“Buy Less, Choose Well” has been a tenant of my business model from the beginning. If you aspire to simplify your life, clothing is a critical place to keep edited. While there are a […]

Summer Sale!

I can’t believe it is summer. In some ways, the last year seems like it was the longest ever, and then in some ways, it feels like I just got home from a […]

New Line Alert: Shebobo

Our new line of bags from Squeeze de Citron flew out of here faster than I anticipated. Due to the long production process (each bag takes a week to make), it’ll be a […]

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