A Walk Through Old Town

Being in Colorado was beyond relaxing and wonderful. It was a much-needed reboot and start to the fall season. The cool air was invigorating and seeing everyone walking around in shorts during the […]

A Perfect Pause

This was a big week for TSALT. We took the needs of our clients, our employees, and my personal needs as a business owner (and the many needs of my children, husband, and parents) […]

Papillon Mask Chains

Masks, masks, and more masks! I have so many now. They are in the cars, in the entry drawers, in the washing machine, in my pockets, and yet I still have trouble finding […]

The Lipsticker

I’m not really a purse person. If Andrew is with me, his pockets tend to hold any of my essentials. I have my driver’s license and credit cards in a holder on the […]

Happiness List

So many clients have come into the shop lately saying, “Wow! Oddly enough, this has been the best summer ever!” I‘ve asked them why and their answers all come back to happiness within […]

New Santorelli!

We just received a late shipment of Santorelli dresses and it’s your gain! These incredible dresses were supposed to arrive in July, but due to COVID shipping issues, they have just now graced […]

Care More

I came across this shirt the other day when I was shopping for paper towels. It hit me so strongly that I needed to take a picture of it. Stress. Yes, we are […]

New Ronny Kobo Now at TSALT

Ronny Kobo is best known for her namesake collection of fashion-forward designs that are celebrated for their exotic prints and flattering shapes. Each piece within the collection is infused with Kobo’s signature sleek-sexy […]

Elie Tahari Sale at TSALT

One of the brands that we began carrying this year is Elie Tahari, and I absolutely love the designer’s success story. As a child, his parents divorced and he was sent to live […]

The Ultimate Scarf

We love to be outside these days especially with the right protection. I am passionate about enjoying the outdoors and the activities we are so blessed to enjoy. When just in Colorado, my […]

Whew, It’s Hot!

These past few days have found me constantly misting facial spray and trying to fan the heat away. Wearing a mask all of the time certainly makes this more challenging! On smoldering hot […]

Picnics & Barbecues

With summer upon us, I can’t help but think about getting outside for a picnic with family and friends or firing up the grill for some barbecue! Since we are heading into Phase […]

Psophía Now at TSALT

When we discover a new brand that manages to capture all the attention of our already trained eye, it transports us to different times and locales, all without having to leave the house. […]

Catherine Osti Masks at TSALT

I love your mask! Where’d you get it? It’s strange how our fashion worlds have changed lately…do you remember when someone would comment on your shoes or outfit? Now I’m being asked (and […]

Mara Hoffman Swimwear at TSALT

Fashion designer Mara Hoffman founded her namesake label after graduating from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2000, where she continues to design all of her pieces today. Mara […]

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