Restaurant Report: Grateful Kitchen Co.

If you go to a restaurant twice, it usually means you liked it the first time you went, or at least liked it enough to give it another shot. If you go to […]

Here’s How To Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 15th. This year, I didn’t attempt my Ice Cream Crawl, because forcing myself to get ice cream every day for a week, while fun […]

Will This Restaurant Break the Curse?

“So, what do you say when people mention the curse on this building?” I asked the general manager as I enjoyed five fabulous courses at Mia’s Italian Kitchen during a practice lunch earlier this […]

King Street Ice Cream Crawl

As much as I love my job, it is pretty tough sometimes. Take last week, for example. I had to try four different ice cream places—that is one ice cream shop almost every […]

What It’s Like To Work on a Powerhouse Real Estate Team

Never a dull moment. When asked to describe what working with The Patterson Group is like, that’s how I best sum it up. That’s also a phrase that we at The Patterson Group […]

‘Tis the Season of Pumpkin Everything and I Tried All of It! Here Are My Top 5

I am that girl when it comes to pumpkin season. I will try anything and everything pumpkin-flavored or pumpkin spice-enhanced, even though I will sometimes do so with skepticism and disbelief about the […]

A Very Alexandria Wedding, Indeed: Part 2

Continued from our previous post…As shuttles pulled up to the stunning Patterson home on the Potomac River, we were greeted by twinkling lights in trees and a front porch stylishly arranged by Casey […]

A Very Alexandria Wedding, Indeed: Part 1

As some of you may remember from her previous “A Very Alexandria Wedding” posts, Britt and her new husband, Geoff, planned their nuptials in accordance with all things Alexandria. Those of you who […]

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