what did you call that? a fashion vocabulary

If you’ve spent any time on social media in recent months, you’ve probably been bombarded by quizzes with titles like “What City Should You Live In” or “What State Fits You Best” or […]

breaking the rules

We observe Memorial Day to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Many a female fashion lover also tacks on an additional meaning to the […]

zoe’s look: shopping local

I am typically the world’s most casually dressed shopper. Before opening Zoe, a Saturday morning shopping trip would find me dressed in a loose-fitting t-shirt, shorts, slip-on sandals and no make-up. My thought […]

a different stripe

Would you ever have imagined that the staple of the summertime Southern wardrobe not only had humble beginnings but also originates from a Hindi/Urdu phrase? Alexandria Stylebook takes you deep into the history […]

zoe’s look: team building event

Not too long ago, the people I work with asked me if we could do a team building exercise. My only stipulation was “No Ropes Courses, and No Falling Backwards and Having You […]

the dress doctors

I love a good read on the art of fashion and dress. So imagine my delight when I opened The Wall Street Journal on Saturday morning and found an article on what we […]

zoe’s look: cooking class

by Susan, Zoe Boutique With my newfound love of cooking in 2014, I’ve been adding to my cooking utensil collection at local treasure La Cuisine on Cameron Street. In addition to having a […]

the grain that has everyone talking

by Susan, Zoe Boutique All of a sudden, it is everywhere. Quinoa, the gluten-free grain has everyone talking. It was approved for consumption during the recent Passover celebration (as long as it followed […]

zoe’s look: business travel

by Susan, Zoe Boutique On Thursday, I’ll be on a 6 am flight to Chicago and will be returning to DC that night. It is important that I be comfortable for the flights […]

where did that come from?

by Susan, Zoe Boutique If you’ve been a longtime reader of Alexandria Stylebook or if this is your first time to visit our site, one thing you learn quickly is that we are […]

finding a signature color

by Susan, Zoe Boutique One of Stylebook’s favorite icons, Coco Chanel, once said “The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you.” Do you eschew the “color of […]

take your look from day to night

Here are 3 easy ways to take your look from day to evening. 1. Add a glamorous accessory. If you’re like me, you tend to wear the same understated gold necklace every day […]

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