multitasking makeup

Women fill many roles each day – whether it’s mom, boss, therapist, chef, fixer, friend, sister, driver, spouse, and a thousand other Wonder Woman jobs. We rarely embody just one at a time; […]

the science of beauty

If you’ve ever perused a skincare aisle (most of us out there I would assume!), you probably have noticed that there are a handful of “powerhouse” active ingredients that are common in products, […]

mascara and lip color, dirt and sand: outdoorsy make-up tips

I’ll just say it. I wore make-up in the Peace Corps. In a sweltering, tropical Southeast Asian country comprised of over 7,100 islands (at low tide) – the Philippines. I mopped my forehead […]

make-up: there’s an app for that

You are in your in your bathroom, make-up strewn everywhere. You want to do a smoky eye, and feel like you’ve put enough eye shadow on your lids to scare young children, but […]

exfoliators revealed: the secret to a bright complexion

One of my favorite things to do in Old Town is walk through the neighborhoods off King Street and appreciate all of the beautiful vibrant flowers and greenery. The prolonged winter season seems, […]

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