Last-Minute (Extra Special) Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is a notoriously tricky holiday to shop for, especially if you’re in the market for something a little more special than a new power tool. If you’re scrambling for a unique, […]

Good to Know: Three Expert Tips On Buying Jewelry

The worst feeling is that of buyer’s remorse, and unfortunately, I see a lot of repair clients experiencing just that when they realize that their purchase from another store can’t be repaired or […]

Spring Picks With Alexandria And Company

Spring brings on so many milestones – graduations, weddings, engagements, new houses… you name it, it’s all happening right now. If you’re looking for an extra special gift to help someone celebrate a particularly special […]

Maternal Care In The U.S.

I’m going to be transparent with you – putting together this year’s Mother’s Day post was a challenge for me. I am all about celebrating moms, and especially when this past year was so incredibly challenging […]

You’re Invited to Our Juleps and Jiggers Night!

Old Town Cocktail Week is coming up fast, and we’re excited to celebrate yet again this year with our friends at Captain Gregory’s! We’ll be mixing perfect Mint Juleps and savoring them out […]

How To Know Your Rings Fit Right (Plus – A Secret Tip If Your Ring Gets Stuck)

This may seem like a strange post because, of course, you know when your rings fit right… don’t you? Well, it might be time to think again. I am constantly amazed at the […]

A Mother’s Day Special Release (Plus, Meet the (Mother) Maker!)

You may remember Artemer from our introduction to the brand last fall, but this week, I wanted to focus more on co-owner (and mother of four!) Tanya Mikaeilyn. As a creative business owner and mother, […]

New Highlights from Our Women Designers

This week, we’re running a ten-day trunk show to celebrate our top-selling women designers here at Alx&Co. You have through this weekend to get your Passport stamped while shopping gorgeous new pieces from […]

Ten Days of Celebrating (and Investing in) Women

Truthfully, one of my favorite parts of my job is when I get to highlight the amazing female talent that creates the backbone of our beautiful showroom. Anytime a client goes home with […]

Spring 2021: Trends for Spring Engagements

Nationwide, the most popular month to get engaged in is December but at our shop, we think of May as our engagement rush. With the weather so gorgeous here in the spring, couples […]

A Year On: The Things that Matter

My birthday was two weeks ago, and we celebrated the only way we really could: outdoors, with our closest friends, but very distanced. Last year, things were different. Last year, Tim bought us […]

Jennifer Dawes Blockette Rings

Have you seen our Jennifer Dawes Blockette Rings? These have been amazingly popular since we introduced them to the showroom and we’re so excited to share with you three new color options… The […]

Katie’s Heirloom Wedding Band Design

This week, I’m sharing with you the loveliest story of a client’s thoughtful wedding band design, which we created using diamonds from her grandmother’s treasured wedding band. Read on to learn more about Katie’s grandparents’ […]

A Valentine to Yourself: Embracing Your Faults

Let’s face it: we all have faults. In some ways, the last many months have presented us all with ample reminders of what our particular faults are. As a control freak prone to […]

Top Picks for Valentine’s Gifts

Over the years, I have slowly gotten more and more into Valentine’s Day. The only way I can explain it is that perhaps with age, and perhaps with the current climate, any little […]

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