Street Style: Leigh Ramadan

This has been a bittersweet post to write. Not because I am not thrilled to introduce you to Leigh Ramadan — I am! She’s awesome! — but because it is the last thing […]

My Top 7(-ish) Bellacara Must Haves, Skincare Edition

Angela’s post yesterday about carry-on-ready skincare got me thinking about what I can’t live without. Since turning 40, high-quality skincare products have been non-negotiable in my morning and evening routines. Since 45, I’ve […]

Behind the Design: Ivy Lane Helps Me With an Upgrade Eight Years in the Making

Since moving into our home nearly eight years ago, there has been one thing that has bugged me and my husband. The light fixture in our foyer is hideous. The builder did a […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my very real — OK, borderline ridiculous — resistance to the concept and practice of Mindfulness (click here for part 1), and I ended that post proclaiming that I […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 1

I am not a “woo-woo” person. In fact, other than a bout with wearing crystals in the early 90s, which, honestly, along with Birks and twirl-y skirts was more about donning the requisite […]

Madelyn Lashes Out

As editor of Alexandria Stylebook, I work with all of our contributors to analyze trends in fashion, wellness, home, and beauty to interpret them in a way that’s meaningful and helpful here in […]

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