Sustainable Wife = Sustainable Life

If there is one thing we can all agree on in our consumerist economy, it’s that we create so much waste. To be fair, it’s really not totally our fault, in my opinion. […]

The Easter Edit

Nothing makes me happier than pastels, small puffed pastries topped with gorgeous fruits, and scrambled eggs to boot! One might think this is just another Sunday boozy brunch but, no, I am in […]

Custom Creativity for Hire 

Lindsey Evans Studio x Curated Classix This past week I had the pleasure of working with a client who is revamping her work-from-home style. She has quite an unusual profession as a sex and intimacy […]

Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day

This past year has been hell and us gals deserve to treat ourselves. From endless meal prep, house cleaning, piles of laundry, snow days, virtual learning, and teaching, we have had it. Not […]

How To: Defining Your Personal Style

Defining your personal style is not as hard as it sounds. However, when I sit down to a blank journal page or look at an empty canvas, where to begin feels daunting because […]


thank·ful /ˈTHaNGkfəl/ adjective pleased and relieved.   Whenever I’m struggling with what to wear, I do two things — first, I mood board without limitations. I turn to Pinterest for the latest and […]

Costume Couture: A High Fashion Halloween

As a stylist, there is nothing I love more than playing dress up. So, when it comes time for Halloween, it should come as no surprise that I get verrrrry into the holiday […]

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