To Tone or Not To Tone

To Tone or Not To Tone?

Customers often come to me with the questions, “Do I need to be using a toner? What does it even do? Is it just a superfluous step in my regimen?” The short answers? […]
Lexi's Cleansing Tell-All

Lexi’s Cleansing Tell-All

Something that I pride myself on is that I have religiously washed my face every morning and every night for as long as I can remember. Sure there was the occasional late night […]

#goals: Dewy Honeymoon Goddess

As many of you know, mostly because I’ve been telling anyone who will listen, I’m headed off to Portugal for my honeymoon. My honey and I have been anticipating this trip since we […]

Late?! Here’s Your 6-Step, Super-Fast, Super-Pretty, Sub-10-Minute Out-the-Door Face

I have a confession. I’m a serial snoozer. As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning, I hit that snooze button. Once. Twice. Thrice. By the time I actually get up, […]

Turkey Neck? Tech Neck?! Dr. Dennis Gross Neck Emulsion Product Review

What is it about necks? This unassuming part of our bodies has been on the receiving end of much scrutiny from men and women alike throughout history. From the thin, fragile necks of […]

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