What to Get Your Littles this Year

It is pretty fun to be a kid at Christmastime. In fact, the team at Red Barn Mercantile thinks it is pretty fun as an adult too. The music, decorations, holiday treats, Christmas […]

Great Gifts for Kids of All Ages

There are many aspects of the holiday season that I love, from the festive music and lights to the spirit of the season and family time. I also truly love giving gifts to […]

It’s About Time: Back to School

Most kids dread the end of summer and heading back to school. But there is one child I know who can’t wait for school: mine. Kate is the saddest kid on the last […]

Traveling with Kids: Or, How to Avoid “Are We There Yet?”

As anyone with children knows, life is all about distraction.  Whether you are distracting them from something they must. have. now!, or redirecting their attention to the project at-hand, distraction is a time-tested […]

Street Style: Jen Baskette Tierney

Jen Baskette Tierney and I like to say that we met online. It was 2010 and both of us were pregnant and looking for a family for a nanny share. We “found” each […]

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