Father’s Day Man-spiration

The vast majority of the women in my life are “professional enthusiasts.” Typically, I can find something that they will love from any local boutique (or at least flowers and a gift card […]

Hashtag Reno Life

Last August, Sean and I moved our family from Alexandria down to Charlottesville. It was always a mere pipedream (especially for my wahoo husband), but then COVID-19 pushed us to take the risk. […]

Happy Birthday, Boxwood!

Happy second birthday to Boxwood. We opened our doors in April of 2019 and like to say that we made enough decent decisions to survive and not too many bad decisions to fail. All […]

Proving, Once Again, that Virginia is for Lovers

Sometimes I worry that I’ve watered down my love. I throw out love for objects in Boxwood like beads at a Mardi Gras parade. Sort of like exclamation points – the more I […]

Designer Spotlight: Katie Kime

I love all things Texas. Over a decade ago, Sean and I lived in Austin while he worked for Dell, I worked for Public Strategies and we both ate queso for at least […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

As we continue to find all the ways possible to mark special occasions (but without creating more work for ourselves), we came up with this Valentine’s Day table in a bag! Art directed by […]

DRY January? More like DIY January. 

Look, stuff is getting bad again. Holiday hangovers, winter, COVID strains, scary protests… I won’t keep going. So, if you’re like me and would rather be in denial – perhaps it’s time to […]

Irresistibly Italian for the Holidays

The story of Vietri starts how all great stories do (before 2020) – three women go on vacation to Italy. But first, some history. Lee Gravely was born in Lynchburg, VA in 1925, […]

Please Allow Me to Introduce…

As November and the season of giving thanks is upon us, I thought it was only appropriate to introduce you to the Boxwood people who make the shop warm and welcoming for every […]

Boxwood Welcomes Iconic Brand, Caspari

When it comes to brands for the home, you can count on one hand the number that have survived trends and decades. Very few are timeless, and it all comes down to quality […]

Book Report: Interior Design 

School officially starts in one week – and while it feels like a shell of a school year – I’m still getting the seasonal itch to start fresh. One of my favorite places […]

Best Brands at Boxwood: in2green

When Joanna and I first started talking about opening Boxwood, the first product we both knew we had to have in the shop was in2green throw blankets. They’ve been at Boxwood since day one […]

Warehouse Sale 2021: We Need Your Input

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the future. But we can try our darndest to plan ahead. For the first time, the Old Town Boutique District is taking […]

Summer Means Outdoor Entertaining

There are plenty of silver linings from the past few months – okay, maybe only a few. But one benefit for sure has been time with family and the closest of friends. And […]

A Note of Gratitude

Last Friday, we re-opened Boxwood’s front doors for the first time since mid-March. We require masks and can only accommodate five customers at a time – but we’re open and thriving.     […]

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