Metallics, the Perfect Neutral

From shoes, belts, handbags, and jewelry, the metallic trend is everywhere. Metals in assorted patinas from rose gold to gunmetal possess the mercurial ability to mesh effortlessly with any color palette. Could metallic […]

5 Style Rules To Mix Colors & Patterns

I have always enjoyed consignment shopping because of the element of surprise in finding unique pieces. The amount of variety from style to brand and everything in between offers unique and functional pieces […]

It’s Not Just the Clothes You Wear, It’s the Story They Tell

The clothes we choose to wear at any given time tell those around us something about us. If you wear t-shirts with graphics or slogan, you are literally telling those nearby about what […]

My Quest for the Perfect Derby Dress

The Kentucky Derby, often called the greatest two minutes in sports, is one of the most fashion-forward sporting events of the year. Fashion has always been an important part of the Kentucky Derby and dresses have played a large […]

Big Event? Special Occasion? Photo Shoot? Here’s How To Make Sure You Look Your Best

For most of us, we want to look our, ideally with minimal effort, but certain occasions warrant more time, energy, and focus to ensure what you’re wearing is as flattering as possible. Whether […]

Champagne & Pajamas: What’s Not to Love?

It’s no secret that I love wine with bubbles in it — cue the song ‘Tiny Bubbles’ by Don Ho — and that sums it up. But what do you get when you […]

What’s Your Fashion Formula? 5 Questions To Ask

You’ve heard it before, successful people adopting a “uniform,” a style or way of dressing that both saves time and ensures they always look their best. Some of your friends or acquaintances may […]

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