Elizabeth's Skincare Tell-All

Elizabeth’s Skincare Tell-All

Alright, friends, it’s been a long time coming. But today we start a short series on our personal cleansing routines. Buckle up, my dear readers, because this is a wild ride.   Sundays […]
Splurge vs Save

Splurge vs Save

From time to time we do pieces like this, offering our customers a bit of variety in the types of products they already buy. As we gear up for back-to-school, I thought the […]
Forgotten Haircare

Forgotten Steps: Haircare Edition

We’ve talked about how you do so much right with your skincare and makeup routines, but that there may be some important steps you’re missing. Well, the same holds true for your tresses. […]

Forgotten Steps: Makeup Edition

Earlier this week we went over some oft-forgotten steps in a typical skincare regimen. Today: makeup! This forgotten step could also find a home in the Forgotten Steps: Skincare Edition, to be honest. […]
Forgotten Steps

Forgotten Steps: Skincare Edition

Skincare is a full-time job. You’re laughing, I know. You’re laughing partly because you find the concept a little ridiculous, and partly because you’ve also just realized that skincare is literally my full-time […]
Brush Care

Boar Bristle Brush Care

So you stuck with me through my Boar Bristle Adventure! Thank you. I got about a week into this experiment and realized…I didn’t know how frequently to wash my brush, or even the right way […]
Boar Bristle Adventure

A Boar Bristle Adventure: Walking the Walk

I started writing the previous boar bristle article with the intention of writing simple instructions, but then I got so excited about it, I figured I should put my money where my mouth […]
Boar Bristle Talk

A Boar Bristle Adventure: Talking the Talk

A really common complaint among our clientele is that their hair gets so greasy they can’t go multiple days between shampoos, at least not without copious amounts of dry shampoo. While I posit […]

Focus On: 40s Skin

We’ve covered teen skin, the 20s, the 30s, and now we’re getting into it with the 40s. Now, great skincare should continue throughout your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, but aside from specific […]

Mornin’ Sunshine (A Magical Lipstick Story)

People love that Lipstick Queen boasts a story or gimmick for every lipstick family. “Sinners” give a full-coverage, rich pigmentation while their sheer, soft “Saint” counterparts come in all the same colors, giving […]

Focus On: 30s Skin

In my experience, the 30s are when it starts to hit people that time marches on, and it usually marches right across our faces. What’s a girl to do? Start with the derm. […]

Focus On: 20s Skin

I’m right in the thick of my 20s. I gotta tell you folks, I really thought my skin would have gotten its, ahem, “stuff” together by now. I still break out, I still have […]

Poolside Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

In the summertime we all walk that fine line between wanting to look amazing and intentionally dewy and beautiful and not wanting to wear any makeup when we’re outside. What’s a gal to […]

Focus On: Teen Skin

Oh, to be 16 again. Fewer responsibilities, someone else making dinner every night (OK, I don’t cook, so that happens anyway), the comforting routine of school + after-school activities + part-time jobs where […]

Knowing When It’s Right for You

A lot of different products have similar — even nigh-identical — ingredient lists. There are some ingredients that are just plain good for you, so a lot of skincare companies use them, like […]

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