Elizabeth’s Favorite Pre-Fall Pieces Plus Lookbook

The calendar switched officially to summer this week, so we think it’s time to send a lookbook with our more recent deliveries and show you what we expect to receive from now until […]

Alexandre Birman Hits The Shoe Hive

I rarely order any sandals from a true “summer” delivery. Traditionally, we order sandals for resort or spring seasons and ride that inventory all summer. I know this can be frustrating for shoppers. […]

Street Style: Patience Tamarra

I can’t remember exactly how many years ago Patience came into our lives at the stores – it had to be at least seven. A mutual friend said to me: “I know you […]

Why I Love Sports

I have always loved sports. I grew up in a family that played and watched all kinds of sports. I was never the best, and I was never the worst, but I played. […]

Introducing Golden Goose

I don’t know why, but every time I have ordered Golden Goose handbags, my styles got canceled. I always wonder if this means I have either very refined taste or horrible taste to […]

Summer Sale!

I can’t believe it is summer. In some ways, the last year seems like it was the longest ever, and then in some ways, it feels like I just got home from a […]

That’s A Wrap!

Summertime means it is time for sandals and espadrilles, so we are thrilled that Ulla Johnson has combined the two. That is correct – the platform shoe with contrasting ties in canvas and […]

The Summer Shorts We All Need

I know I said I was going to slow my roll when it comes to sweatpants. And I did do just that for fall. But I can’t totally turn off the spigot – […]

The Activewear Sale

As we finally got our deliveries that were delayed due to the fiasco at the Suez Canal, I had to evaluate the storeroom. I have waited and waited for many of these items […]

Dresses, Dresses, & Dresses

As a boutique owner, I really do try and listen to what customers want and fill our shelves and racks with those items. As I mentioned in an earlier post this spring, it […]

Cover-Ups For All Summer Long

So, I feel like we have started covering all the summer needs in this space these past few weeks. We showed you all of our great hats a few weeks back. We hosted […]

The Perfect Shoe…

This is not the first time you have heard the sentiment I am about to express. Are you ready? My name is Elizabeth, and I have been trying to make an effort to […]

The Slip Dress Edit

One of my favorite items for summer is a slip dress. They are easy to wear and keep you cool when it is hot and sticky outside. But here is the thing, not all […]

The Story Behind The Lilley Line

I think the reason Alexandria Stylebook has been so popular is that it allows us to tell the stories behind the brands that we carry. I know, I love to read other store’s articles […]

Introducing Aviator Nation

We always get recommendations from clients about brands that we should bring to the stores. Some suggestions are easier to make happen than others. Oftentimes, the suggested brand isn’t opening new accounts, or […]

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