a new york fashion week report

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Many years later the fashion industry is still nodding in agreement as they make their way […]

ask stylebook: suede for summer?

Sherri: Is it ever okay to wear suede when it’s warm outside? I see it in the magazines but it just seems strange to me. Caitlin, Coco Blanca: Yes, absolutely. Suede is a […]

cooler weather? switch to leather.

As a connoisseur of high fashion I spent the entire month of February glued to my computer as I watched runway show after runway show after runway show for Fall 2014. I am […]

coco blanca’s look: an evening at wolf trap

My friends and I have been guilty the last several years of having very repetitive weekend plans. If we go to Georgetown, we usually get brunch and then go shopping on M Street. […]

coco blanca’s most bare necessity

A camisole is one of the most important staple items a woman can own. It can provide variety to the closet you’ve grown too comfortable with or modesty to a top that cuts […]

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