inspired by: sandra bullock (a makeup tutorial)

Last week, Sandra Bullock was voted People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman of the Year, making her the first woman over 50 to receive this top honor. Go ahead, take a moment to smile […]

makeup tutorial: julianne moore

We’ve been green with envy over Julianne Moore’s runway looks this award season as she proves that au natural can look smashing on the red carpet. This look could not be easier to […]

how to downplay a sunburn

It’s happened to the most vigilant of us. You get caught up in your fun at the beach over the weekend and come home looking like a lobster. Even worse, you have a […]

cult classics: past and present

Last week, I traveled back home to Wisconsin for my sister’s baby shower and of course forgot my hairdryer. As I was digging through drawers and cupboards trying to locate one, I happened […]

product love: keeping fresh on the go

As a yoga teacher with a full time 9 to 5 job, I frequently find myself headed home at night sweaty and wearing yoga pants with a pair of wedges. It’s quite the […]

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