How Do You Spend $60 Million?

Through President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Alexandria City will receive just shy of $60 million in funding. This is a once in a generation – or at least I sure hope so – […]

Flights of Fancy

There have been so many gifting holidays lately that it seems all we have been posting are gift guides. This week, I wanted to take a minute to share a few of the […]

Thank Goodness This School Year Is Over

To say that school was terrible this year is an understatement. It was awful to be a kid, it was awful to be a parent trying to school their kid from home, and […]

Graduation Gift Guide For The Class of 2021

This year’s annual Graduation Gift Guide is tinged with joy, pride, and heartbreak because this year, my son, Will, graduates. We picked up his cap and gown last week, and I’m not going […]

Planning For Guests With Dash & Albert!

Some of my favorite posts are to design a room for a fictitious home I don’t have in order to highlight an upcoming sale. They give me the chance to stretch my creative […]

Shopkeepers for Schools: An Extra Credit Event!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then Skirt Boutique out of Philadelphia should be flattered. As soon as I heard about the amazing school fundraising event she does, […]

Mother’s Day In A Box To The Rescue

It’s down to the wire. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and you still need to shop. I get it… nine times out of ten, that’s me running around trying to get a gift […]

Win Your Online Order from The New Red Barn Mercantile Website Today!

Now that I have your attention, I wanted to introduce you to our brand-new, super fancy Red Barn Mercantile website. After six months of working on it, we are excited to finally launch […]

Earth Day Outfit to Room

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about sustainability in a fun and relatable way with an outfit to room. In this edition of our […]

Win Up to $3,000 for Your Favorite Nonprofit!

Wednesday, April 28, is Spring2ACTion, and, as usual, we are all in. Frankly, this is my favorite event of the entire year. I love that, collectively, we all are doing something decidedly positive […]

April is Penny Post’s Favorite Month of the Year!

At Penny Post, April is our favorite month of the year. Why? Because it’s National Letter Writing Month, of course! Duh. I love that we get a whole month too. None of this […]

Custom Natural Fiber Rugs Now at Red Barn Mercantile

I am beyond excited to announce that we can now offer custom-sized natural fiber rugs at Red Barn Mercantile! You asked for it, and we can finally deliver and deliver big. We are […]

Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition

When I was asked to name a woman that I admire for the Alexandria Stylebook’s Instagram page, there are any number of women, but I chose Tory Burch. She was the first person […]

Easter Comes Early This Year!

At this time last year, our doors were closed, and we had no idea what we were going to do. Then, our genius friend, Lesley McGrew, had the brilliant idea to offer curated […]

Who Gets Hurt When Paper Source Claims Bankruptcy?

I’m sure you all heard the news last week that Paper Source filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is not reopening 11 of its stores that were closed last year, and has put itself […]

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