What’s Inspired Me in 2021

Last month some of us shared what we would like to do and/ or accomplish in 2021. I said I wanted to find inspiration in the things I do every single day. I thought […]

The Perfect Cozy New Year’s Outfit

A few weeks ago, on Arlington Stylebook, I shared four of the most common style types that I work with via head-to-toe winter outfits. Since Thursday night is New Year’s Eve (and a […]

Favorite Fall 2020 Trends

Labor Day weekend marks the “end of summer” in the fashion world, but it’s still so hot outside! As much as I love fall fashion, I’ve always found it a challenge to fully […]

My Top 5 Locally Sourced Spring and Summer Trends

One of my favorite things to do while the baby naps is pour over all of the beautiful spring and summer trends. I guess you could say I’ve always been a “trend seeker,” […]

Postpartum Changes: Style Solutions and Top 10 Postpartum Capsule

Let’s go on a little journey, shall we? Chapter one: Yay You have the perfect wardrobe. Everything fits. It’s all very flattering, carefully thought out, and it makes total sense against your personal […]

Street Style: Sarah Phillips

I met Sarah two years ago and I remember it very clearly. She asked me to meet with her at Junction Bakery to talk about TSG and I just remember thinking “woah, those […]


Oh, hello everyone! It’s me, Ali. I figured it was time to bring you a bit of insight, thought, and love from my personal styling business (ALH Style) via Alexandria Stylebook. Why now, […]

TSALT + sculp’d = 10% off

I’d like to think fitness, wellness, and fashion go hand-in-hand. After all, working out and leading a healthy lifestyle can lead to feeling great about your body and when you feel great about […]

Street Style: Shelbie Koch

If you haven’t seen Shelbie at TSALT then you’ve most definitely seen her in their fall preview lookbook a few weeks ago. I must say she is such a fantastic model to work […]

9 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Last spring I stopped by TSALT and the rep for Suzi Rohr was in the store showing Whitney all of her fabulous scarves. I poked my head into the conversation because…why not? I […]

“It is possible to look good and be taken seriously at work…”

Just because you work in an office does not mean you need to abandon being chic. In fact, the more chic the better! People will respect and admire you for caring about what […]

TSALT Chat: Andre Crochet

Isn’t it funny how big things come in small packages? That’s exactly how I felt when I met Andre Crochet, local personal trainer and good friend of mine. She’s one of the tiniest […]

TSALT Fall Preview

Have you heard about the Fall Preview at TSALT this Thursday evening, October 3rd, from 6:30pm-8:30pm? Everything that is out will be 20 percent off for two hours! That’s right, all fall is […]

Better Than Pumpkin Spice: TSALT’s New Fall Arrivals

After popping into TSALT a couple times last week, all I can say is there are some fabulous new arrivals! First off, welcome back Aldo Martins- a line TSALT carried a few seasons […]

New Fall Line Coming to TSALT: Eleven Six

Meet Eleven Six – part four of TSALT’s new fall line series. Whitney has done it again, ladies! This fabulous knitwear brand is adding the coziest flare to TSALT’s fall collection. Eleven Six […]

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