Buy Less, Choose Well 

“Buy Less, Choose Well” has been a tenant of my business model from the beginning. If you aspire to simplify your life, clothing is a critical place to keep edited. While there are a […]

Do You Struggle With Analysis Paralysis?

Two weeks ago, I had back-to-back client appointments with two very similar but different clients. The task at hand was creating outfits – one client loves color, while the other client stays in […]

While You Were Sleeping

I’m sure Elizabeth would agree – Instagram kept her businesses alive during the bleakest weeks of COVID. Having a platform that brings the boutique to you has been a useful tool, but not […]

My Love for Smythe

If there was one designer who could be your ‘one-all-be-all’ for your wardrobe, who would that be? This is almost like “who would you choose to be stranded on an island with?” As […]

Self-Awareness Offers Self-Love

Even if you didn’t see the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the takeaway I’m about to present might be worth a ponder. I was initially struck by the brilliance of the costume choice for […]

Street Style: Alicia McCaslin of The Tulle Box

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes when you take a moment to look back and reflect. It’s now been five years since my family moved out of Old Town from the […]

Spring Trends 2021: A Word from The Wise

I’ve made many analogies here on Alexandria Stylebook. One of my favorites has been the refrigerator = closet comparison. This was where I would stand in front of my open refrigerator and stare dumbfounded […]

Rebranding the Gift Card

I’m making a case for the power of a gift card. This year has been an emotional doozy and I have found myself challenged in the gift department. While I would like nothing […]

Making Room for What’s Possible

I consider myself a glass half full kind of woman. My husband is inundated with my desire to “reframe” anything that has tinges of negativity. So much of this can be attributed to […]

A Mini Edit Methodology

I’ve tapped into a new sweet spot with my business that is directly related to the pandemic. People have spent a lot of time at home with their stuff. All the stuff has […]

What’s Next Now!

One of the advantages of my job as a wardrobe stylist is that every new client is like a gift I get to engage with. Sometimes the engagement is short and other engagements […]

Adapt and Overcome

Time is an incredibly interesting concept. The passing of another year is only our earth revolving around the sun one more time. It’s pretty simple. However, as simple as it is, our culture […]

A Key Gift for Father’s Day!

My husband Mark and I met when I was waiting tables at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon. He came in to visit his friend on a slow weekday afternoon where I was the […]

A Post Corona Wardrobe ~ Virtually Possible!

I think it’s safe to say, we all have had our good days and bad days throughout the past seven weeks of quarantine. Personally, I have found that I’m often triggered by the […]

Silver Linings

My son is a soccer player. He’s been playing soccer since he was hip high on me. When my daughter was in afternoon preschool, I was looking for an activity for a three-year-old. […]

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