A Breezy No Makeup Look – Just In Time For Summer

When the pandemic hit, I pretty much stopped wearing makeup. I used to wear a full face every day, but it became impractical working from home. After noticing myself looking a little bland […]

The Last Shower Cap You’ll Ever Need

As someone with long hair, the maintenance on my mane is extensive. Between deep conditioning treatments and finding the right products to ensure my hair is not frizzy, it is a delicate dance. […]

When Hormones Attack, I Fight Back

Disclaimer: This is my story. Please consult a physician before taking any medication or using any prescription topical medication. Last fall, I made the devastating decision to stop taking my oral contraceptives. I […]

Mascne: Not the Only Problem with Masks

Recently before going out for dinner on a frigid Saturday night, Jennifer, my lovely 27-year-old co-worker, complained about the laugh lines that seemed to come out of nowhere. Me, being supportive, ignored her […]

Slugging… and Other Skincare Trends of 2020

I hate trends (as I am typing this, Jennifer told me hate is a strong word and to use the word “dislike,” but I really do hate trends). I am traditional when it […]

Patchology Little Helpers are Here to Help

I get so many compliments on the range of products we sell. Angela is an expert curator. Sometimes her choices make me scratch my head until I actually experiment, and then I get […]

Dark Spot Blasters

I have taken advantage of all this mask wearing lately to try out a few dark spot correctors. I’ve mentioned before, and it bears repeating – the sun is the number one cause […]

Jennifer’s Bellacara Favorites

Today we are continuing our “Favorite Things” series with some of Jennifer’s favorites. (P.S. Jennifer has a normal skin type.) Pre-Cleanse and Cleanse Jennifer likes to remove her makeup with Bioderma’s cult-favorite Micellar […]

With Nighttime Skincare, Timing is Everything

Did you know studies show that skin repairs itself most effectively between 10pm and midnight? This is the ideal time to apply your strongest and most powerful anti-aging ingredients because there is no […]

An Oil-free Double Cleanse

I recently wrote an article on the importance of taking off your makeup before you wash your face. You might remember the title, “Would you mop a floor if you haven’t swept?” I […]

SPF On The Go

The best anti-aging product on the market is SPF. Anti-aging being the key word here. We have a variety of products that correct, reverse, and treat, but SPF is your absolute first line […]

Abby’s Favorite Things: Skincare Edition

At Bellacara, we all constantly get asked, “What is your favorite?” Whether it be foundation, lipstick, moisturizer, eye cream, etc. All of the gals have their go-to items, so we decided to do […]

Spa Day At Home

I am a huge fan of relaxation. Having a high-stress job (not my job at Bellacara, that is my fun job) takes its toll daily, and so it is very important for me […]

Shine Enhancers for Every Hair Tone

We have recently received an influx of hair shine enhancers, and as many of you know, we try everything that comes in. We’re lucky to have a wide range of hair colors in […]

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